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Hello you reading me

Personally writing personal

Alas I’m weary and objectival

Scared in bounds of failure

No context for behaviour

Just out there on a whim

Outer circle pushing in

Never quite accomplished

My mind is wordpress published

Whether you admire or ignore

Writing for enjoyment is implored.

Crossroads part 1

Something lurking roadside edge

Black figure rising creeping high

Direct focus muscular thigh

Devil dog has caught my eye

On hallows eve a sign to die

Bounds on past in front of me

Hairs on neck have fallen flee

Maybe meant for someone else

Our paths have crossed next on shelf

A sign of warning forgotten plight

Devil errands breadth of night

Chilled to bone home make haste

Horror judged by common taste

Never forget devil’s plea

Stopped in path stared to meet

Forgotten for now

He’s coming for me….


It just comes on this need to write

Put pen to paper

Or text to type

On the desk lay

Words of


Staged before

Inspired thought

Youth curtain call

Note it down

Do not ignore

Niggle and doubt

Life recall

Begin next chapter

There’s no rehearse

One shot only

Mid life verse.

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