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Hello you reading me Personally writing personal Alas I’m weary and objectival Scared in bounds of failure No context for behaviour Just out there on a whim Outer circle pushing in Never quite accomplished My mind is wordpress published Whether you admire or ignore Writing for enjoyment is implored.


Wax pattern fall burning wick Elaborately simple candle stick Hygge at ready comfy chair Aroma fills relaxing lair Warming ember fill the heart Scenting room upon the hearth Creative mind let’s retire To candle burning crackle fire.

Crossroads part 1

Something lurking roadside edge Black figure rising creeping high Direct focus muscular thigh Devil dog has caught my eye On hallows eve a sign to die Bounds on past in front of me Hairs on neck have fallen flee Maybe meant for someone else Our paths have crossed next on shelf A sign of warning…


Scrap of bread Scallop sea Concrete block Lush greenery Family strain On empty grain Tired eyes Body frail Work at dawn Yet no avail Earth divided Spinning yarn Stretched directions Pulled apart.


Marsh reeds sway on high Endless mist Rolling sea Light fading Water wading Fresh on the skin Waterdroplet Warbler Tree root unearth Soil back to birth.

Season greet

Gold glitter Diamond flute Crimson cranberry Orange peel Candle twist Twinkle little tree Rosy faces Gather round Toast a glass with me.


Cocoon of love Internal warmth Tatty blanket Favourite mug Scent of shampoo Fresh clean clothes Comfy shoes For growing toes Food to nourish Life content Peaceful sleep Environment.


It just comes on this need to write Put pen to paper Or text to type On the desk lay Words of Comfort Staged before Inspired thought Youth curtain call Note it down Do not ignore Niggle and doubt Life recall Begin next chapter There’s no rehearse One shot only Mid life verse.

Palm tree dream

My mind is very tired Full and overrun Heavy eyes are calling Relax, sleep overcome Yet I cannot entertain That thought of switching off I’ll have a few more moments Before quietly drifting off I drift upon blue ocean Calm yet nodding waves Pebble lapping symphony Palm trees breezy sway Sunlight warmth of sand Grains…


Starlight wonder Surround us light Flicker soflty Glow dark night Warmth of yellow Blanket white Cloud that covers Sleep tonight Planet tilting Moon entwined Sun arising Morning mind.


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