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Palm tree dream

My mind is very tired

Full and overrun

Heavy eyes are calling

Relax, sleep overcome

Yet I cannot entertain

That thought of switching off

I’ll have a few more moments

Before quietly drifting off

I drift upon blue ocean

Calm yet nodding waves

Pebble lapping symphony

Palm trees breezy sway

Sunlight warmth of sand

Grains pure in soft hand

Dreaming ever further

In the quiet of the night

Long way off to morning

Rest in minds delight.


Have you sold your soul?

Can he hear your plee?

Ticking clock runs out

In your life of glee

Lived all your lux

In filth and squander

World of waste, not much wonder

Flight of poor while fancy free

Living high society

Baby born upon wrong path

Seed is growing full of wrath

Heat is rising feel the sweat

Time to pay off all your debt.

Day out in Britain

Tye dye beanie hat on hikers balding head

Weathered leather walking boots

Dark clouds up ahead

Selfie by a scenic spot

Stone on cairn near parking lot

Squashed sandwich in a rucksack

Next to fold out map and compass

For the path is unknown

With a cafe around mid roam

Tourist info gift shop

With a handy toilet stop

National park neckerchief

Walking stick becomes a seat

Then sit in car with picnic

When the journey is complete.


Slightly quietly yearning away

Niggling slowly over the day

Slight at first then start to sway

Predator crave captured the prey

Holding all thought

Centre in mind

I can’t unsee it no matter the try

The want the crave is all I see

Totally taken over me

Once in my grasp I let it go

Time has wasted

It was all false show

Want want want in a world on fast

Pause and see it doesn’t last

Change the thought to what you have

No need to look beyond the glass..

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